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Water Sustainability: Using Rainwater Efficiently for your Garden

Sustainable gardening is highly gratifying. It does challenge you to use resources in an efficient and ecologically-minded way, but the fulfilment you gain from knowing how you are working in harmony with nature is a huge reward in itself.

In observing sustainable gardening, a huge factor to consider is water consumption. You’ll have to review your watering habits and re-evaluate your garden design to minimise your water use. Here’s how to conserve water resources for your sustainable garden.

Using Water Efficiently

Using water judiciously involves deciding on what plants to put in your garden, how often you should water your plants, the best type of irrigation for your plants and ways to minimise water evaporation in your garden.

To reduce water use, consider blanketing your topsoil with mulch or having a shade over your garden to reduce water evaporation. You can also consider deep watering to encourage your plants to dig their roots deeper, allowing them to tap into the retained water in deeper areas of the soil.

Harvesting Rainwater

Harvesting rainwater benefits your household, the community and the environment. Individuals enjoy reduced water bills and a source of water during droughts, while communities benefit from diminished storm water peak flows and storm water management savings. Consequently, the environment benefits from a community’s reduced water consumption and the reduced damage from storm water peak flows.

Before you start harvesting water, there are a few considerations to make such as:

  • the surfaces you can use to collect water;
  • how much water you need to catch and store for your application;
  • the most suitable tank for your application; and
  • how you will distribute the stored water in your garden.

We can help you with making these decisions and guide you on tank installation and maintenance. We provide a wide range of tanks for businesses and households including tanks for the agriculture sector and slimline water tanks for business and homes with narrow spaces.

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