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Rapid Plas Slimline Water Tanks: Maximising Space and Efficiency

Many urban householders like the idea of using rainwater for various purposes around their property and investing in a rainwater tank often arises from a desire to optimise use of a free resource and reduce reliance on municipal supplies. By harnessing rainwater for domestic needs, homeowners do their bit for sustainability and enjoy long-term cost savings. 
In many urban back yards however, there is simply no space for a conventional round tank, and a less conspicuous alternative is required.  
Rapid Plas is proud to introduce the latest addition to its comprehensive range of slimline tanks for the homeowner and residential building market - the 1500 Litre Super Slimline
Standing 2200mm tall, 1500mm wide, and with a depth of 610mm, the 1500 Litre Super Slimline is a carefully engineered to optimise rainwater capacity while minimising its footprint and retaining structural integrity. 
Rapid Plas National Marketing Manager, Wayne Doyle, explains - “The Super Slimline was designed to fit snugly beneath most eaves and was configured to fit in the narrow spaces typically found between house exteriors and boundary fences, maximising the available space.” 
“Our goal was to maximise flexibility for homeowners and functionality is key. The Super Slimline has inlets and overflows on both sides facilitating easy installation regardless of orientation. Dual outlets, including one with bucket access, ensure convenient water extraction for various purposes and seamless integration with pumps.” 
“For homeowners seeking additional storage capacity without compromising space, the Super Slimline offers the option of joining multiple tanks together. This scalability allows tailored solutions to accommodate diverse water storage needs within limited confines.” 
Constructed from premium low-density polyethylene, the Super Slimline complies with all relevant Australian Standards and is accompanied by Rapid Plas’ reliable and no-fuss warranty. Rigorous testing ensures structural robustness, guaranteeing longevity and peace of mind for homeowners. 
The Super Slimline addresses evolving homeowner needs, providing a space-efficient solution for rainwater harvesting. Its compact design and versatile features make it an ideal choice for urban dwellings and restricted spaces. 
The new Rapid Plas Super Slimline tank exemplifies innovation in water storage solutions, offering efficiency, functionality, and space optimisation. As homeowners prioritise sustainability and resource efficiency, solutions like the Super Slimline play a pivotal role in shaping the future of residential water management. 

Rapid Plas is a family-owned business that have been making superb quality rainwater tanks in Tamworth for more than 30 years. Tanks are available in 24 different colours, ranging from 500L to 32,000L with a selection of shapes and styles, including round, slimline and super-slimline.     
If you need advice on rainwater harvesting, talk to our expert team to find out how we can help you. Call our team on 1800 816 299 or email  sales@rapidplas.com.au with your enquiry.