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On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme for NSW

On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme for NSW

Key points:

  • Access the water infrastructure rebate now for all your tanks and troughs associated with stock watering
  • Apply from Monday 14th January via the NSW Rural Assistance Authority website.
  • Claim up to 25% of costs from buying and installing new on-farm infrastructure. Up to maximum $25,000

In October, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a $50 million for on-farm emergency water infrastructure rebate scheme to provide financial help to primary producers in drought-affected regions.
He said “This will assist them with up to 25 per cent of costs associated with the purchase and installation of new on-farm water infrastructure needed to keep up water to livestock. The sort of on-farm structure to benefit includes piping, tanks, boors, troughs, pumps, fittings and desilting. The scheme will also support drought manage activities such as reducing the impact of drought on animal welfare and lowering grazing pressures on pastures. This will not only better drought-proof farms but all of that money will get spent predominately in the towns. Ensuring we are continuing to help those local economies.”

On the 21st of December in a media release http://minister.agriculture.gov.au/littleproud/Pages/Media-Releases/rebates-water-smart-nsw-farmers.aspx it was announced that “Farmers can claim up to 25% of their costs from buying and installing new on-farm infrastructure” “up to a maximum of $25,000”.

See further details here http://www.agriculture.gov.au/water/national/on-farm-infrastructure-rebate

Who can apply

You must be:

  • a primary producer (as defined by your state or territory)
  • a property owner, share farmer or lease holder
  • in an area defined as drought affected (by your state or territory) Go to https://edis.dpi.nsw.gov.au/ to check your area.
  • in the grazing industry.

Eligible expenses

Your new infrastructure must:

  • be for grazing livestock that you own (not agisted stock)
  • be for a animal welfare need
  • improve your drought resilience.

Please note: Rapid Plas tanks and troughs (including the combo tank and trough) associated with stock watering are eligible for this rebate.