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Tank Installation Guide

If a Rapid Plas Tank is correctly installed and regularly maintained, it will give you trouble free service for years to come. Here is how to install your Rapid Plas Rainwater Tank:

  1. The tank site must be flat and level, the area well compacted and free from any rocks, stones and sharp objects
  2. Ensure that the prepared site is at least 600mm larger in diameter than the tank
  3. A 75mm (3”) base of compacted crusher dust may be used as a tank pad. A reinforced concrete slab is also acceptable and must be greater than the diameter of the tank
  4. If a material other than concrete is used, a retaining wall or surround must be provided to prevent erosion
  5. The overflow must be piped well clear of the tank to avoid undermining of the tank base.
  6. Ensure that a flexible hose of at least 300mm (12”) is installed after the outlet valve to absorb any shocks or movement

Rainwater Tank Installation Guide

Overflow Piping Instructions

Click Here for 'Overflow Piping Instructions' Video