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Tank Installation Guide

  • The tank site must be flat and level, the area well compacted and free from any rocks, stones and sharp objects
  • Ensure that the prepared site is at least 600mm larger in diameter than the tank
  • A 75mm (3”) base of compacted crusher dust may be used as a tank pad. A reinforced concrete slab is also acceptable and must be greater than the diameter of the tank
  • If a material other than concrete is used, a retaining wall or surround must be provided to prevent erosion
  • The overflow must be piped well clear of the tank to avoid undermining of the tank base.
  • Ensure that a flexible hose of at least 300mm (12”) is installed after the outlet valve to absorb any shocks or movement
  • Modular tanks must be installed on a reinforced concrete slab

Rainwater Tank Installation Guide