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Cropping & Horticulture

RapidPlas is your source of high-quality equipment for cropping and horticulture, ranging from fertiliser tanks to grow bed troughs and auger hoppers. Our products span residential, agricultural and industrial applications and ensure easy handling and operation all the way.

Explore our range to learn more about our products and their applications and uses.

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  1. Round Auger Hoppers
    Round Auger Hoppers
    SKU: Round Auger Hoppers
    From A$196.00
  2. Triangular Auger Hoppers
    Triangular Auger Hoppers
    SKU: Triangular Auger Hoppers
    From A$179.00
  3. Mini Auger Hoppers
    Mini Auger Hoppers
    SKU: Mini Auger Hoppers
    From A$156.00

20 Items |

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