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Our completely new rainwater tank

Water, a precious resource

Better For Your Garden Than Tap Water

Rainwater Tank Installation DIY

Water Beacon Long Distance Level Indicator

Trough Vs Steer

Standing Up To Two 4×4’s

Watch a Rainwater Tank Being Made

Established in 1990

Rapid Plas at Agquip 2017

Supporting The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service

9,000L Tank Set-Up for the Double Garage

7,000L Tank Set-Up for the Single Garage

54,000L Tank Set-Up for the Machinery Shed

27,000L Tank Set-Up for the Workshop Shed

Rapid Plas Combo Tank and Trough Review

Combination Tank and Trough - How It Works

5000L Combination Tank and Trough

Pro Tub Trough Install

Rapid Plas Mineral Feeder

Rapid Plas Licker Wheel Feeder

Tough Trough Install