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The benefits of positioning livestock water supply close to feed

Positioning water supplies close to feed is a practical and strategic decision that promotes optimal nutrition, health, and overall well-being of livestock. It aligns with the natural behaviour of animals and facilitates efficient management practices for farmers. 
This article explores some key reasons why farmers routinely place water sources near feeding areas: 
Encourages Adequate Water Intake: 
Animals need to consume water regularly to maintain proper hydration and support various physiological functions. Placing water sources near feeding areas encourages animals to drink water regularly, as they naturally tend to eat and drink in proximity. 
Optimises Feed Conversion: 
Adequate water intake is essential for proper digestion and nutrient absorption. When water is readily available near feed, it helps optimise feed conversion efficiency, ensuring that the nutrients in the feed are effectively utilised by the animals. 
Reduces Stress and Competition: 
If water sources are located far from feeding areas, animals may experience stress and competition as they navigate to and from these locations. Placing water near feed reduces stress associated with long travel distances and minimises competition for access to water. 
Promotes Weight Gain and Growth: 
Consistent access to water near feed promotes better weight gain and growth in livestock. Water is crucial for metabolic processes and contributes to the overall development of muscles, bones, and tissues. 
Convenience for Livestock and Farmers: 
Placing water sources near feeding areas is convenient for both the animals and the farmers. It reduces the time and effort required for animals to access water, and it also facilitates easier monitoring and management of both feed and water supplies. 
Minimises Wastage: 
When water is positioned near feed, there is less likelihood of wastage. Animals are less likely to spill or contaminate water when they are drinking close to where they eat. 
Facilitates Nutrient Supplementation: 
Farmers often incorporate supplements or medications into the water supply for livestock. Having water near feed makes it easier to administer such supplements, ensuring that all animals receive the necessary nutrients or medications. 
Supports Overall Animal Welfare: 
Providing easy access to water near feed contributes to the overall welfare of the animals. It aligns with their natural behaviour, reduces stress, and supports a more comfortable and healthy living environment. 


Rapid Plas Livestock Watering Products 
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