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Equine & Animal Care

Rapid Plas offers a wide range of high-quality equine feeders and animal care products in New South Wales and the South-Eastern Queensland area. We carry some of the sturdiest and most smartly-designed products for horses, dogs, pigs, bulls and other animals.With Rapid Plas, and with the help of our dealers, you have partners in rearing strong, beautiful horses and dogs.

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  1. 45 L D-Drinker
    45 L D-Drinker
    SKU: PTS01W
    From A$149.00
  2. Chaff Bin
    Chaff Bin
    SKU: PFB
    From A$309.00
  3. Photo of scoops
    SKU: Scoops
    From A$22.80
  4. Buckets
    SKU: Buckets
    From A$67.00
  5. Photo of Dog Kennel
    Dog Kennels
    SKU: Dog Kennels
    From A$156.00

21 Items |

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