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Saving the Environment (and Money) with Rainwater Tanks

Australia has reliable water providers, but it can also be useful to have your own water storage system at home. Installing rainwater tanks is a great way to reduce your water bill, and it gives you a great source of water that can be used to wash the car or water the lawn, even when there are water restrictions in place.

Here at RapidPlas, we offer a selection of rainwater tanks suitable for any home. For sprawling properties, you can choose from our selection of large tanks. For smaller urban dwellings, there are slim-type tanks. So, why should you consider installing a rainwater tank?

Integrating into Your Water System

By hiring a licensed plumber, it is possible to merge rainwater collection with plumbing in your home. This makes rainwater easy to use for flushing the toilet, washing clothes or filling the swimming pool. A professional is required to install these kinds of systems to avoid backflow into the potable water-supply system.
Integrating a rainwater tank into your plumbing makes it easy to use rainwater for many tasks. The rainwater tanks require very little maintenance so there is no need to change the way you use water.

Stand-alone Systems

These are a great starter system as they are relatively simple to use and they don’t require licensed plumbers to install them. These tanks act like a back-up and personal water store for any household. They are great to use for watering gardens, and they are indispensable when there are water restrictions in place.

Benefits the Environment

In addition to the convenience, they offer to homeowners, the use of rainwater collection systems also benefits the environment. They reduce the volume of stormwater running through the drainage system and make homes less dependent on the water grid. This decreases demand on the grid and reduces the amount of energy it takes to transport the water.

If you live in an area that is prone to rain, installation of a rainwater system can benefit your water system. With access to stored water, you save on bills and have back-up whenever there are restrictions on water use. Feel free to browse our website to view your options for rainwater tank installation.

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