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Maximise Rainwater Capture – How to find the right tank size

Maximise Rainwater Capture by finding the right tank size

Identifying how to maximise the capture of rainwater from your property may seem daunting. That’s particularly the case when you’re off-grid or under strict water restrictions and you’re relying on that water to survive. 

Leave it with us at Rapid Plas. Our friendly team of experts will ensure you’re fully advised and fitted-out with everything you need to maximise rainwater capture. We have tanks for all - farmers and agricultural property owners, to those retrofitting their homes to harvest more rainwater and live more sustainably.   

Live life, at its best ™ with Rapid Plas 

All we need from you is the approximate roof area from which you’re planning to harvest water. It’s as simple as measuring the length and width of your house and other potential water-harvesting roof surfaces. With this estimate, we’ll assess your property layout, needs and rainfall trends in your area. We will talk you through all suitable options, including integrated tank systems, known as a “rainwater tank bank”, to capture extra run-off during heavy rain. We’ll make your choice quick and easy.  

For example, 1mm of rainfall on a 100 metre-squared roof can give 100 litres of water. Installing 2 x 27,000 litre tanks on a 4-bedroom house can potentially provide you with enough water to live on and even allow a bit left over for the garden.   

Small sheds for machinery and food-stores can measure around 300 metres-squared and large cattle and dairy sheds, around 1000 metres squared which, in conservative rainfall, can harvest up to 20,000 litres of water easily. It’s so important to have the right tank infrastructure in place to be able to capture the rain when it comes. This way, you can make the most of every drop when it doesn’t. 

Our rainwater tanks are always widely-available for quick delivery and installation. We’ll put you in touch with a network of friendly suppliers closest to you. So we ensure your tanks are delivered quickly and seamlessly, from purchase to installation. 

Rapid Plas is the choice to maximise rainwater capture 

Rapid Plas rainwater tanks are made from the toughest of materials including stainless-steel roof beams for the sturdiest and most durable product. We’ll ensure all tank, pump and triple-filter systems are in place to deliver the freshest, purest and safest-drinking water straight to you.

We take the stress out of life, giving you the peace of mind that your property is rain-ready, 100% building-standard-compliant and to maximise your rainwater capture. Without water worries, you can get on with living life, at its best. We offer unbeatable customer service, so call our friendly and knowledgeable Rapid Plas team today on 1800 626 002.