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Are you ready to harvest rainwater?


Whether you have a small holding or you run a large agricultural enterprise, it’s worth checking to see you can take advantage of any rainfalls coming your way. To paraphrase the great investor, Warren Buffett: Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains... put out the buckets, not the thimbles. 

When you’re not rain ready 

True story: One of our customers (let’s call him John) came to us about six months ago to get a quote on a new 5,000-litre tank. John has a relatively small landholding not far from town – around 100 acres in old money – with two large sheds on the property that he uses to store a tractor and other farm vehicles. 

He has a tank that collects the rainwater from one shed. Rainwater from the other shed flows into the nearby paddock. 

John procrastinated when it came to the actual purchase of his new tank. Subsequently, when his district received around 40 mm of rain, he missed capturing this valuable resource. 

In his words: “I raced out with buckets and anything I could find that would hold water.” While this might have been an amusing spectacle, the sad part is he would have had two full tanks if he’d gone ahead and purchased the tank he’d got the quote for. 

He’s now bitten the bullet and bought his tank, in time to take advantage of the tax advantages and instant depreciation of his new asset – and capture the expected rainfall over autumn and early winter. 

What structures could you use for rain capture? 

So, are you ready to harvest rainwaterTake a look around your property. Are all your sheds and farm structures covered for rain capture? Remember that a good downpour will fill that 5,000-litre tank in minutes. The bigger the tank (or the more tanks you have on site), the more rain you’ll capture and the better off you’ll be when we get the next downpour.  

Why Rapid Plas rainwater tanks? 

Rapid Plas tanks come in sizes from 500L right up to 32,000L. The innovative moulding method, with a single horizontal top seam, eliminates buckling. UV stabilised polyethylene provides sun protection for tanks that can last 30 years or more.  

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