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The Importance of Water Quality on Farms

The agricultural industry is highly dependent on water. Whether it is to operate systems or to sustain life for crops and livestock, water quality must be maintained to ensure business longevity on farms. It is important to not only have a consistent supply of water, but to filter out contaminants that might be harmful to farm life.
Common Water Pollutants
Because of the high dependency of farms to water, they are highly vulnerable to water pollution. Common water quality-related problems in agriculture include:

  • Salinity

This occurs when there is an unusually high amount of salt in the water supply. Sodium in soil dries up the water and reduces its availability to crops, a disastrous scenario especially during the warmer seasons.

  • Water Infiltration Rate

When the sodium levels are high, and the calcium levels are low in your water supply, the rate at which irrigation water enters soil decreases. The worst thing that can happen is that the water supply becomes insufficient and you risk killing your crops.

  • Specific Ion Toxicity

Certain ions (including chloride, boron and sodium) may accumulate in concentrations that are high enough to damage your crops and reduce your yields.

It is important to contact a professional when you notice a problem with your irrigation system. Water quality is the key to keeping your production process running, no matter the weather and season.

Caring for Your Livestock

Livestock is the bread and butter of many farms. Maintaining water quantity and quality on your farm keeps your cattle healthy and alive. The water that they drink has a significant impact on their health and performance on the farm. Keep your water cool, clear and clean; this results in your cattle’s excellent health and appetite.

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