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Crown Force™ Technology Creates the World’s Best Poly Water Tank

Crown Force Poly Water Tank

The shape of a triangle is defined by the lengths of its sides and there is only one shape that it can take. Triangles are very hard to distort from their normal shape because of their fixed angles and ability to distribute force evenly to the other sides and to adjacent triangles. Rapid Plas have utilised nature’s strongest geometric shape in its unique Crown Force™ design to create the worlds’ best poly water tank.

This is not simply an upgrade of the renowned Rapid Plas water tank range. Crown Force™ is a completely new tank that incorporates new technology, new engineering and new chemistry.

A full water tank may contain 22,500L of water weighing 22.5 tonnes. Due to the depth of the water, it exerts more pressure at the bottom of the tank, and this pressure causes the base of the tank to bulge. As this pressure is exerted radially, the bulging results in an increase in the circumference of the tank that is more pronounced at the base of the tank and decreases towards the top. While this bulging is barely noticeable to the human eye and it does not affect the structural integrity of the tank, the pressure pushing the side of the tank outwards also has the effect of pulling the roof downwards.

In older style tanks, the effect of pulling the roof downwards could eventually lead to a partial or complete failure of the roof, and without bracing of the roof, the entire tank could collapse.

Tank manufacturers have been wise to this possibility for years and have responded in different ways. Many manufacturers used a centre pole to support the roof. Rapid Plas moved away from this method in 2006 and incorporated stainless steel structural supports in the roof as bracing.

While the structural beams worked very effectively, now in 2020, the new Crown Force™ tank represents the next generation of tank design.

Earlier Rapid Plas tanks had triangular fins radiating from the centre to the outside of the roof. The shape of the fins has been modified to increase strength, and the Crown Force™ Technology involves a new inbuilt centre ‘Crown’ which locks the triangular roof fins together, to provide the tank with unprecedented structural Integrity.

In addition, the tendency for the tank to bulge has been minimised by using a proprietary new material – RGblend20™, that uses modern polymer chemistry to create stronger and more rigid walls for the Crown Force™ tanks.

Finally, Rapid Plas production engineers have developed and implemented processes that start the build of the tank at the roof resulting in increased roof thickness and greater strength.

The result – the classic look and timeless beauty of an Australian corrugated tank but incorporating the most up-to-date engineering, manufacturing and chemistry to produce the best-ever poly water tank and a new era in rainwater storage.

If you want to know more about the best-ever poly water tank, talk to our expert team on 1800 816 299 or email sales@rapidplas.com.au with your enquiry.