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Clean Water Tank: How to Prevent Algae from Growing

Poly water tanks are one of the most reliable sources of water. They are most useful during drought or situations that require an emergency source of water. You can use them for home or farm applications such as washing your car or specific farm processes. Poly water tanks are used to store rainwater; however, when water is stored for a long period, algae will start growing in the tank.

Draining Water before Cleaning

To prevent algae from growing, you should thoroughly scrub the inside of the tank. However, before doing this, you should completely drain the water from your tank by opening the outlet valve at the base of your tank. You should connect a hose to the outlet valve in order to redirect the water to another container; this avoids flooding or soil erosion. After draining all the water, mix hot water with laundry detergent liquid or powder to create a cleaning solution.

Once you have the cleaning solution, use an abrasive sponge or a hard bristle brush to scrub the inside of your tank. You may need to use a long-handled brush depending on the size of your tank. Use horizontal motions when scrubbing the interior of your tank with an adequate amount of pressure to completely remove algae. After scrubbing, thoroughly rinse your tank and make sure that it is completely dry before putting back fresh water.

Alternative Cleaning Techniques

For an easier cleaning process, you can use copper sulphate or unscented chlorine bleach to stop algae from growing in your tank. You can mix copper sulphate crystals with warm water as a cleaning solution. If you want to use chlorine, you can add two to three ounces of unscented chlorine bleach for every fifty gallons of water that your tank can hold. Applying one of those solutions every two to four weeks will remove the algae in your tank.

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