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Clean and Fresh: A Guide for Better Water Quality

Caring for rainwater tanks ensures that the stored water remains clean, clear, and odour-free. This is especially important if you use your tanks for drinking, washing and cleaning.

The Department of Health recommends inspecting roof catchment and tanks at least every six months. The department adds that tanks should be inspected for accumulated sediment every 2-3 years.

You can also ensure that your rainwater harvesting system remains in top shape with these simple tips.

Start with the roof and the gutter.

As these are the components that catch the rainwater, these should be checked and cleaned regularly. Although the Department of Health recommends you do this every six months, you can do this every three months.

A blocked gutter harbours dirt and bacteria. It inhibits water from flowing freely to the tank. Removing the leaves and debris can help you store cleaner waters and can help maintain the efficiency of your system. You can consider installing gutter guards as well.

Follow the pipes.

Regularly, checking the pipes’ structural integrity ensures good water flow and helps you detect any damage early. Try to search for leaks and look into the pipes that are not draining. Leaks not only reduce the amount of water you store, but the openings can also welcome pollutants.

Check on the strainers, filters, and dust covers.

These components collect dirt as they prevent pollutants from contaminating your water. It’s a good idea to inspect and clean these components every month. If you need new mosquito-proof inlet strainers or dust covers for your tanks, you can get in touch with our local dealers.

Check on the tank, its roof and its insides.

All our tanks – be it the slimline water tank, the corrugated tank, or any other RapidPlas tank – are built to last, prevent algal growth, and prevent mosquito breeding.

However, you still have to check for the presence of mosquito larvae and algal growth. These can be indicators that the tank may be damaged.

Remember to check for sediment build up to know if it’s time to clean your tank. Some people may be capable of cleaning their tanks, but Standards Australia recommends hiring qualified contractors for sediment removal.

Visual inspection plays a huge role in domestic water tank maintenance. Just by checking your system regularly, you can enjoy clean water and keep your tank in top shape.