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Did you know?

The latest Rapid Plas activity raised $18,925 for the  McGrath Foundation!

In the last two years Rapid Plas has raised over $35,000! And we couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you to all those that have helped make a real difference and contributed to something truly worthwhile.

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New Universal Rapid Drain Tank

Rapid Plas has been manufacturing high-quality storage tanks for liquid fertiliser, water treatment and molasses products for 17 years.  Market […]

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Getting the right look

Are you building a new house or putting up a shed? If you are and you need a rainwater tank, think about the look of the tank that’s going to be beside your house or shed.

With the corrugated style and the perfect match to your colourbond roof, you can have a tank that blends in with the environment around it.

With the Rapid Plas tank you get this timeless style, but also the great durability of modern poly manufacturing technology, including the unique to Rapid Plas ‘Strong Arm roof beam’.

You can also plant a garden around it, or as seen in the picture, build a trellis between the two tanks.