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Selecting the right pump for your rainwater tank

Pump attached to rainwater tank

A pump is needed when you want to use to use tank water for your home and garden. The water pump moves rainwater from where it is stored to where it is needed and provides you with a pressurised water flow for your house and garden taps. 

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Switching between tank water and mains water supply

Rainwater tank with mains water switch

Rainwater collected from a well-designed harvesting system can be suitable for all domestic uses. Increasingly, homeowners are plumbing houses with two sources of water supply, with tank water as the primary supply for non-drinking applications in the laundry, bathroom and toilet, and mains water supply for drinking water. Even with irregular rainfall, for many householders in regional New South Wales, a well-designed system with a 10,000L water tank can satisfy three-quarters or more of their total household water needs.  

 But what happens if your rainwater tank runs dry or a power failure stops your pressure pump delivering water to the house? 

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