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Why Farmers choose the Combo as a secure livestock watering point


The secure livestock watering point

For a more secure livestock watering point, choose the tank and trough combo. (also known as the cup & saucer)

Quality of Stock Water

As you know, good quality water is essential to maximising growth rates in livestock. Cool, clear, clean water gives growing livestock good health and appetite, which in young adolescent livestock enables them to grow and increase weight. Just like we as humans like to drink cool and clean water, so do livestock, and they’ll even walk past a dam if they know cooler, cleaner water is available to them from a trough.

 There are a number of key factors that farmers consider when choosing the Combo as a livestock watering point:

1. Security – knowing stock have access to water for several days even if pipe cracks or pump fails
2. Water Quality – cool, clean & fresh water contributes to better growth rates & productivity. Water in trough is kept cool by the tank & tank provides shade to at least 1/3 of trough at any time during the day
3. Easy to clean with the sweep out brush & specially designed ramp
4. Easy to install – comes pre-plumbed so all you have to do is hook up water inlet & check float level
5. Trough design & proximity of tank wall prevents livestock getting into trough and fouling water.
6. High flow rates and large water supply prevents trough ever running dry even when under pressure from large mobs of thirsty cattle on hot days
7. Calmer animal behaviour due to access to good water supply & less visibility of other animals – tank blocks the view across trough
8. Easy to see water level indicator for quick checking of stock water

Last year we visited one of the farmers who have a lot of these combos, to find out why he has chosen these as his watering points for cattle, sheep and goats. He now has over 150 of the 5000L Combos on his stud. Have a listen here of what he is saying about them. http://rapidplas.com.au/information/videos/