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Why clean water for livestock?

Water quality and quantity is vital to sustain stock condition and prevent illness. The quality of drinking water provided to livestock can have a significant impact on animal health and performance. Cool, clear, clean water gives growing livestock good health and appetite, which in young adolescent livestock enables them to grow and increase weight. Livestock on the other hand that drink dirty contaminated water are said to gain up to 20% less weight per annum than if they were drinking clean water.

Dam, creek, and river water contains pathogens. Pathogens are micro-organisms that can cause diseases that will affect livestock. When livestock drink pathogen contaminated water they lose appetite and this appetite loss results in a lower weight gain. With a possible 20% decreased weight loss, think about the increased profits that better water can give you.

So what can you do?

You can protect and improve water quality for stock by shading water sources, monitoring salinity and pH levels, cleaning troughs frequently, preventing algal blooms and water contamination, maintaining groundcover around dams, and pumping water from dams into tanks to feed to troughs which lowers the risk of faecal contamination.

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