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What Do You Give-up When You Buy a Cheap Rainwater Tank?

What Do You Give-up When You Buy a Cheap Rainwater Tank?

If a business offers a service or product distinctly cheaper than their competitors   what does that say?  

Perhaps they are prepared to accept a lower margin to drive volume?  

Perhaps they have genuine production, supply chain or distribution advantages and are prepared to pass on those savings to customers in the form of lower prices? 


In many cases however, to reduce price, vendors endeavour to eliminate costs while trying to maintain the product or service at a level they think will still be acceptable to a consumer. In this case, the vendor is saying ‘this is all it’s worth…’ and they’re relying on a consumer saying ‘that’s good enough for me’ 

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is… 

This can happen with any product in any market, so what are the risks when you buy a cheap rainwater tank? What are you not getting? 


Product Certainty 

When making a poly tank, the quality of the raw materials, the way the raw materials are processed, and the production parameters of time and temperature all have a profound impact on tank quality. Inconsistencies in the end-to-end manufacturing process can result in weaknesses in the finished water tank.  

Sitting outside and exposed to the elements, poly tanks expand and contract due to temperature changes and fluctuations in water level. Over time, the continual expansion and contraction exploits any weakness and can result in a crack. 

Rapid Plas are one of only a handful of tank manufacturers that blend their own raw materials and have complete control over the end-to-end manufacturing process. The Rapid Plas RGBlend 20 is the raw material used in the fabrication of Rapid Plas water tanks and is a proprietary combination of product and processing that is perfectly aligned with the tank manufacturing process. 

A budget tank manufacturer that buys pre-blended raw materials does not control all the production variables and is rolling the dice in terms of quality of output, and the consumer bears the risk of potential flaws or weaknesses in the finished product that might result in product failure. 


Structural Integrity  

In a poly water tank, the weight of the water exerts outward pressure on the walls of the tank that has the effect of pulling the roof downwards and making it collapse. The rigidity of the tank must combat the pressure exerted by the water to maintain tank integrity. While the corrugated design of Rapid Plas tanks is attractive, its main benefit is extraordinary strength of the tank wall design which, when integrated with the Crown ForceTM roof profile, creates unprecedented rigidity and strength.  


Fittings and Fixtures 

Another area for cost savings is to reduce the standard features of the tank and charge for extras. Rapid Plas tanks are fully featured and include moulded lifting lugs for safe handling and positioning, two water outlets for flexible installation, overflow kits and inlet strainers with dust/light covers.  



Consumers expect product warranties, but unscrupulous sellers know that few consumers read the terms and conditions of warranty at the time of purchase. A manufacturer or re-seller of a substandard product will invariably rewrite their warranty with so much wriggle-room to reduce (or eliminate) the capacity of a consumer to make a warranty claim. Rapid Plas are so confident it its product that it offers additional warranties to consumers in excess of its statutory warranties and the Rapid Plas local dealer network ensures access to reliable after-sales support. 

If you want to explore your options and find the rainwater tank that is perfect for you, talk to our expert team to find out how we can help you. Call our team on 1800 816 299 or email sales@rapidplas.com.au with your enquiry