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Water tank and pump package donated to Maya’s Rest.

Rapid Plas is very happy to have donated a water tank and pump package to the caring family of Maya’s Rest. Maya’s Rest is a legacy to their own little girl Maya who died at 2 years old from Cancer. They are a family that have set themselves to make the lives of others easier, who have been through similar experiences as their own. So we are happy to provide this package to make their lives easier.

About Maya’s Rest

Maya’s Rest is set on 12 acres at the top of a hill in country NSW. It is only few minutes from Yass and is run by hosts Mark, Tash and Amelia (7 yrs).
At Maya’s Rest this family have built a home to offer mini breaks to those in need. This includes families of children with serious illnesses, and those in home based end of life care. They also offer time away for families who are grieving the loss of a child.
This family based respite is offered free of charge and includes all meals and optional activities. This unselfish service is in the hope that each family can spend time together without the worry that daily routine tasks demand.

A message from the family to Rapid Plas for their water tank donation

“Thank you to Rapid Plas who have donated a tank and pump package to Maya’s Rest. This will improve the outside water pressure, allowing us to install a much needed dripper system and allowing us to use sprinklers. So in turn this will help in cutting the hours of hand watering down dramatically. Thank you all so much” Tash Maguire

You have to admire the caring and unselfish character of this family in providing such respite and compassion to families in need. So Rapid Plas is happy to be able to support and make this donation.

To learn more about Maya’s Rest or make a donation, click here www.mayasrest.com