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Trough and Tank Combinations: Consistently Provide Water for Stock

In agriculture, water is an integral part of the production process. Consistent and clean water supply is vital to ensuring an efficient production. However, many factors are at play that affect both the consistency and cleanliness of the water supply in farms.

Environmental conditions such as drought can dry up the water supply and rainstorms can erode banks and rivers that wash silt and soil into them. Most water resources are also exposed to contamination from bacteria and parasite from sewage, industrial waste, chemicals and detergent, to name a few.

Livestock needs an accessible and clean water resource. Environmental conditions like extreme heat and cold can harm livestock when travelling from the shed to the water resource. Livestock can also contaminate the water when they get in to drink.

Ensuring the quality and quantity of water for livestock consumption is one of the major aspects of farm water planning; one of the proposed solutions is the use of troughs and tanks.

Water Troughs

Water troughs can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes for multiple livestock to drink from, even within their shed. Placing the water troughs strategically can keep the water accessible for livestock consumption. Since water troughs are smaller than natural water resources, livestock is less likely to get in and contaminate the supply.

Poly stock troughs are light and durable, which are good for moving around and stacking. They are also safer for livestock. The material, moulded polyethylene, is food-grade, making it resistant to chemicals. The material is also malleable, helping prevent injuries sustained from concrete or steel troughs.

Water Tanks

Tanks come in different shapes and sizes, and can be positioned strategically on the farm to store water. Water storage is useful to farms when natural water resources become scarce or polluted. It serves to ensure that the livestock has consistent access to clean water regardless of the weather.

Rainwater tanks are also great options for harvesting and storing rainwater. Since livestock continuously requires water supply, taking advantage of various resources can save business cost, time and effort.

The combination of using tanks to gather water when it is abundant and utilising troughs to contain a cleaner supply is a cost-efficient farm water planning system. Livestock will have consistent access to clean water, maximising their water consumption.

Rapid Plas Provides Troughs and Tanks Packages

Rapid Plas offers high-quality livestock watering troughs and packages. The company manufactures a wide range of residential, agricultural and commercial poly products. We produce our own raw polyethylene material and food grade polyethylene resin to withstand contamination and wear. Our products are processed in-house under controlled conditions and is made to AS/NZS 4766.

We support local communities by promoting local jobs and businesses, as we help clients with their water management needs.

Send us a message and we can discuss how to create a consistent and clean water supply for your business.