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Choosing a Watering System for Your Livestock

Choosing a Watering System for Your Livestock

How to Install Your Own Watering System

Water is one of the most important resources for any farmer. For those with livestock, making sure there is a constant supply of clean water is imperative to the safety and health of the animals. The threat of drought and waterborne diseases have made farmers more aware of the importance of having a watering system.

These systems often involve a tank that is connected to a piping system that directs the water to a trough for livestock to drink from. While there are different options available depending on your needs, installing your own is not that difficult. Here is a simple process which will help you install a watering system for your livestock.

Finding the Right System

Determining which watering system to install will depend heavily on the specific needs of your livestock. An important factor to take into consideration when deciding on a system is the amount of water your livestock consume in a day. Miscalculating results and having to constantly replenish the supply defeats the purpose of installing a watering system to streamline the process. From the size of the tank to the material the water trough is made with, knowing your exact needs will make the process more effective and, to an extent, future proof the system.

Choosing the Site

Upon deciding on a watering system, the next step is site preparation. Choose a site that is stable and can adequately support the weight of your tank even when filled with water. Where you get your water supply should also be taken into consideration when deciding on a site. If you are going to harvest rainwater, place your tank near buildings that have slanted roofs. However, if you are getting your water from an outside source, choose a site that is accessible to water trucks.

Installing Your Watering System

Once you have chosen your watering system and the site on which to place it, it is time to install. Prepare your chosen site by levelling the ground and constructing a base made of durable material such as concrete. Make sure that your foundation is bigger than your tank for better support. After completing this step, installing the tank should be easy as it is just a matter of placing it on the base and connecting its piping system to the water trough.

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