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Harvesting Rainwater for Your Vegetable Garden

Many restaurants in Australia are growing their own ingredients and practising garden-to-table food services. With more people wanting to know where their food comes from, restaurants are increasing efforts to source organic food and locally grown ingredients.

Creating Deeper Connections with Your Food

From restaurants to households, home-grown food is a growing trend. Some families are now making their own salads, vegetable stews and other dishes with ingredients plucked straight from their garden. It allows them to make efficient use of their resources and their home’s outdoor space. More importantly, growing a vegetable garden is a cost-efficient way to acquire organic food compared to sourcing them commercially.

Growing your own garden also gives you a connection to the food you cook and eat. Food becomes more than just a frozen pack from the grocery, but rather a result of care and patience. It is no secret that when you put your heart into growing and cooking food, your dishes will taste better. You also make better choices in the kind of meals you put to the table.

Having a Sustainable Vegetable Garden at Home

Maintaining a vegetable garden may have its challenges, but starting one is not just for green thumbs, either. The trick is to begin slowly and in small numbers by planting only a few seeds in a healthy patch of soil.

Choose seeds that are currently in season and only plant a consumable number so nothing goes to waste. If you plan to grow a variety of vegetables, make sure to practise companion planting. It’s an important method to remember, as not all plants benefit from each other. If weeds do start to grow, do be careful when removing them; some weeds are edible like alfalfa and wild mustard.

Lastly, make sure to have a sustainable source of irrigation. Take a look at your water consumption and work your way around your gardening habits. Conserve water with some mindful gardening methods, such as using harvested rainwater for watering your crops.

Rainwater Tanks for Small, Narrow Spaces

You do not have to make room for a large rainwater tank in your backyard. Tight spaces aren’t a problem when you have a Rapid Plas rainwater tank.

Rapid Plas carries a broad range of slimline corrugated rainwater tanks suitable for small, narrow corners at your home for your humble vegetable garden. Our slimline rainwater tanks are designed with a sleek and refined style that adheres to Australian and New Zealand standards.

Our small tanks have a capacity of up to 500 to 5,000 litres and are available in a range of colours that you can choose from. Each tank comes with a stainless steel strainer, a dust cover and an overflow kit to maintain the quality of your rainwater and to prevent water wastage.

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