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Harvest Stormwater Using Our Large Rainwater Tanks

A number of homes in Australia’s flooded areas practise stormwater detention to maximise self-sufficiency. Stormwater detention is also an important requirement imposed by the local council to reduce the risks of floods in urban areas.

What is Stormwater Detention?

Some areas in Australia are experiencing an increase in residential and commercial density, causing a decline in forestry and wetlands that absorb stormwater and reduce the risks of flooding.

To resolve this problem, local authorities have required new buildings to practise stormwater detention.

Stormwater detention is the process of storing or capturing runoffs of rainwater that are otherwise headed for the drain. It prevents overflow of stormwater and keeps runoffs from exceeding the allowable discharge rate.

How Stormwater Detention Reinforces Self-Sufficiency in Homes

A quick answer to this question is that it seems wasteful to let runoffs go down the drain during heavy periods of rain. Capturing stormwater is an effective way to harvest non-potable water for self-sufficiency.

One should note that there is an important difference between rainwater and stormwater. Rainwater is collected from the rooftop and can be used for washing clothes and even for drinking, bathing and cooking if the water is properly maintained.

Stormwater, on the other hand, is rainwater that hits the ground and flows down pavements. It can be used for toilets, gardens and outdoor use.

There are many ways to harvest and capture stormwater, but traditional rainwater tanks can do the job especially for domestic applications.

Large Rainwater Tanks for Stormwater Storage

Rapid Plas has a selection of large rainwater tanks available in a variety of capacities ranging from 7,000 litres to 32,000 litres. Our tanks are made to meet the highest standards for efficient water storage and are certified by Australian and New Zealand authorities.

If you are looking for a robust tank that can store large amounts of harvested water, we offer a range of large corrugated tanks. The corrugated design makes the tanks walls’ stronger, allowing them to store high volumes of water.

Each tank goes through a 20 Point Touch Test before it becomes available to the market. The test ensures the ultrasonic thickness in 20 different places around the tank. To protect the tank from sun damage and rusting, Rapid Plas’ tanks are made with UV20 rated hexane polyethylene, making our large corrugated water tanks ideal for rigorous daily usage.

Trusted Water Storage Specialists in Australia

Since 1990, Rapid Plas has been a reliable manufacturer of poly water solutions in Australia. We manufacture all of our products on-site and make our own raw materials. We use virgin, food grade polyethylene resin that is developed to withstand the challenges of Australian conditions. We sell our products through our dealer network to support local communities, jobs and businesses.

Apart from rainwater tanks, we also offer a comprehensive range of agricultural and commercial poly water storage, livestock feeders and animal care products.

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