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Fertigation Tanks For An Almond Plantation

Kerabury Almond Plantation

Used to water 12,000 almond trees in a fertigation set-up, Rapid Plas supplied these 16 completely drainable fertiliser tanks. Fertigation in basic terms is adding fertiliser to your irrigation system. Doing it this way means the Kerabury Almond plantation will be able to mature the trees in almost half the time, bringing a yield to market a lot quicker.

Customised for the job

These tanks have a 5° cone bottom for virtually 100% evacuation of contents and quick clean out. Spray balls were installed in the roof of the tanks to assist with a quick, labour effective and safe clean out. It is much safer not to have to get into the tanks to clean them out, not to mention how much easier it is. The tanks were specifically designed and built to be rated at 2SG (specific gravity) for extra strength.

They include poly weld in fittings as the strongest and safest fitting you can install in a tank. The fittings are 100% poly so you have no steel in contact with the tanks contents. As seen in the photo the agitator motors were mounted on the side of each tank. This therefore makes the thickness and strength of the tanks very important. The agitators are used to keep fertiliser suspended in the water, so the fertiliser doesn’t sink to the bottom.