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Aren’t all poly tanks pretty much the same?

No! It is a mistake to think that all poly tanks are the same. There are good tanks and there are bad tanks. Here’s why… 


Engineering and design 

Sitting outside and full of water, you’d probably never think that your tank is continually expanding and contracting due to temperature variations and the changes in pressure caused by fluctuating water levels.   

In poorly engineered poly tanks, over time the continual movement exploits any weakness in the product and can result in a crack or, worse still, the entire tank could collapse. 

Rapid Plas poly tanks are manufactured in one piece with no seams and while poly has natural flexibility to accommodate stresses, good design is critical to ensure long-term structural integrity.  

Rapid Plas have utilised nature’s strongest geometric shape in its unique Crown ForceTM design. Triangular beams in the roof interlock with the proven corrugated design and, at the centre, a ‘crown’ locks the triangular roof beams together, to provide the tank with unprecedented structural Integrity.   


Raw materials 

A variety of materials are needed to make a poly tank, and a manufacturer has options regarding the raw materials they use. 

A manufacturer that buys pre-blended raw materials does not control all the production variables and is rolling the dice in terms of quality of output, and the consumer bears the risk of potential flaws or weaknesses in the finished product that might result in product failure. 

Rapid Plas are one of only a handful of tank manufacturers that source and blend their own raw materials and have complete control over the end-to-end manufacturing process. Our proprietary RGBlend 20 is specially formulated and perfectly aligned with the tank manufacturing process. 


The manufacturing process 

Poly tanks are manufactured by a process called ‘cooking’ using a rotational moulder. Rapid Plas have been cooking poly rainwater tanks for over 30 years. Rapid Plas water tanks are made from food-grade UV stabilised polyethylene. 

When cooking a rainwater tank, the raw materials are placed in a mould that is heated and rotated. The raw material melts, creating a slurry, and the rotation, air and controlled heating combine to distribute the slurry precisely throughout the mould.  

Once the slurry has been accurately placed within the mould and it has been carefully cooled, the mould is opened to reveal a seamless, single-piece water tank. 

The quality of the ingredients, the consistency of the blend, the cooking time, air pressure and temperature dictate how the raw materials are distributed throughout the finished product and all have a profound impact on tank quality. 


Standard fittings and fixtures 

Not every tank is supplied with the same fixtures and fittings, and many suppliers charge extra for features that are standard on other tanks. Rapid Plas tanks are fully featured and include moulded lifting lugs for safe handling and positioning, two water outlets for flexible installation, overflow kits and inlet strainers with dust/light covers.    


Warranty & Support  

Unscrupulous sellers know that few customers read the terms and conditions of warranty at the time of purchase. A manufacturer or re-seller of a substandard product will invariably rewrite their warranty with so much wriggle-room to reduce (or eliminate) the capacity of a customer to make a warranty claim.  

Rapid Plas products come with a warranty you can rely on with no fine print or tricky wording and the Rapid Plas local dealer network ensures access to reliable after-sales support.   




Rapid Plas have been manufacturing superb quality poly rainwater tanks in Tamworth for over 30 years and incorporate the most up-to-date engineering, manufacturing, and chemistry to produce Australia’s best-ever poly water tank and a new era in rainwater storage.