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3 Simple ways to Eliminate Algae Growth in Rainwater Storage Tanks

Preventing algae growth in Rainwater storage tanks

Rainwater storage is becoming more and more important to the environment. Water is the most important natural resource we have, so harvesting and storing rainwater to preserve it, is a must. One of the most common problems you will run into when storing rainwater is the algae growth in water tanks. The presence of algae growth in rainwater storage tanks will make your harvested water nearly unusable. Algae is a bacteria that can carry toxins that are harmful to animals, humans, and plants. Therefore, it is extremely important to take every precaution to prevent algae growth in water tanks.

Here are 3 simple ways you can make sure that your water stays algae-free:

  1. Always use a completely opaque rainwater storage tank – Algae uses photosynthesis to reproduce. So if your tank does not allow light in, algae cannot grow. If your tank walls are too thin or made of translucent material sunlight can get through your tank side walls
  2. Make sure you have a dust cover over your inlet strainer – Again, because algae needs sunlight to produce, you need a dust cover to block both light and dust. The water then runs down the inlet pipe, through a ‘fitted’ hole in the cover and into the strainer.
  3. Add 4 parts of chlorine to every 1,000,000 parts water – Chlorine also stops algae growth. In this small of a ratio, the water will still be safe to drink or irrigate with. The most important thing to remember is to follow the ratio very closely. Too much in your water can be harmful.

So, using any of these simple solutions, you can prevent any algae growth in rainwater storage tanks, even if you store water over an extended period. In my opinion, there is no point collecting rainwater if it is only going to be ruined by algae growth. If you are doing your part to collect the rainwater in your community, be sure to use these tips to keep your water clean and usable.

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