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Rapid Plas Rainwater Tanks

“We’re very happy with the 2 x RT27000MG and we’re very happy with the delivery. The gate was hard to open and the terrain was a bit uneven, plus there wasn’t the best mobile coverage but the driver persisted, was nice and did an excellent job”

– Miriam, Limerick

“We are delighted with our two rainwater tanks. The water is filtered into the house and we use it for everything. Cleaning with filtered rainwater is amazing…absolutely no calcium build-up on shower screens, taps, sinks, even appliances stay cleaner for longer”

– Amanda, Forest hills

“Just some feedback about Graham the delivery driver who dropped off two tanks recently. He kept me informed and up to date with his plans and changes to those plans when necessary. He was punctual, pleasant mannered, flexible on how we did things. We had to roll the tanks in from the road (due to soft ground) and he was always looking for a solution to the problem, not whining about the situation. From my morning working with him I would say he is a great asset to your business. Please pass on my thanks again to him personally and thanks to your team for a job well done.”

– Barry Keen, Griffith Sheds and Garages

Rapid Plas Combination Tank & Trough

“Using the Combination Tank & Trough system has given us great results with the Cell Grazing setup at our farm. We are able to service 4 paddocks with each system, which is far less hassle than all individual pipe-work and troughs to each paddock. The Combination Tank & Troughs were a great choice for us as they were pre-plumbed ready-to-go which offered an easy installation. They are also very safe for stock as it is all in one unit with a large backup supply of water at the trough and high flow rates for large numbers of stock”.

– “Inverleigh”

“We have purchased over 150 Combination Tank & Troughs. They have allowed my stock to get a far better supply of water – my stock can get a quick drink and the water is actually cooler. I have noticed that my cattle actually look better than they did before, which is important for my stud operation. We needed the Tank & Trough Combo because it holds a lot more water than traditional troughs and allowed us to overcome pump and pipe-work limitations throughout our property. As well as for cattle, we use them for sheep and goats.”

– A.M “Dalkeith” Poll Hereford Stud
(Has purchased over 150 x 5000L Tank & trough Combo’s)

“Nothing else on the market could water the number of stock with the volume of water, apart from the Tank & Trough Combo 25000L (5000 Gal). Although we have a river and 2 bores, in the event of a breakdown it is good to know that we have 5000 Gallons of water at each trough”.

– “Wembley Park Dairy”

“It took only half-an-hour to set up! Also it is efficient, portable, easy to use & maintain”.

– “Uabba Station”
(The Tank & Trough Combo)

Rapid Plas Livestock Feeding

“It is a cracker, works terrific – the stock get onto it in no time; like giving a bag of lollies to kids! So much better than other types – rainwater doesn’t get into it.”

– Angus & Sue Smith – Longridge Farm, Tamworth
(Owners of a Rapid Plas Licker Wheel Feeder)

“My favourite Rapid Plas product would have to be my Lamb Bar/Calfateria. I originally set it up for lambs, then used it for a couple of seasons for goat kids, and then this year bought new teats and raised calves. In between it spends a lot of time hanging on the fence and is still good as new! Thank you for such a great quality product that lasts in all weather.”

– Daniel Roberts, Cootamundra